Zoom Education eligibility requirements

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Only eligible institutions may acquire Zoom Meetings or Zoom One for Education licenses at educational volume or full-time-equivalent (FTE)-based site license discounts.

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This article covers:

Eligible types of institutions

  • Governmental, religious, or independently accredited AND degree-granting public or private, non-profit or for-profit, primary and secondary (K-12) education institutions (schools).
  • Accredited and degree-granting public or private, non-profit or for-profit universities or colleges (including community, junior, or vocational colleges).
  • Homeschool programs that belong to a nationally recognized homeschooling body (or one that is recognized by a local school governing body as an acceptable alternative to an accredited educational institution).
  • Government schools in U.S. or Canadian territories, except military schools.
  • Higher-education research laboratories that are public institutions recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, the Canadian/Provincial Ministries of Education, or other national, regional, and local education authorities, teach students and can provide a copy of bylaws that state the relationship with the controlling university - except government identified FFRDCs and UARCs co- located at, and sponsored by, institutions of higher learning.
  • County offices of education, LEAs (local education authorities), Boards of Cooperative Educational Services, and other Education Services Centers and agencies, funded by the local, state, or federal government.
  • Not-for-profit entities serving socially disadvantaged communities by providing tutoring, adult education, or continuing education (only with special Zoom approval).

Non-eligible types of institutions

  • Non-accredited educational and religious institutions.
  • For-profit learning & training centers.
  • Churches, temples, mosques, synagogues, non-profit organizations, NGOs, museums, and public libraries unless owned and operated by an eligible educational institution.
  • Any health-related individuals or institutions requiring a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), such as hospitals, university medical centers, and health care systems, whether or not they are affiliated with or owned and operated by an educational institution. Exceptions to this rule include health, mental, dental, nursing, and other medical-related training schools and programs.
  • Research laboratories that are not affiliated with a college or university unless they are affiliated with a government agency that works across multiple educational institutions.
  • Non-accredited retraining programs.
  • Military schools that do not grant academic degrees.
  • Military schools that award degrees but are required to purchase via governmental procurement vehicles that do not offer educational discounts.

Zoom reserves the right to change discount eligibility requirements or make eligibility exceptions.

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