Release notes for September 11, 2023

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Release notes for Zoom Notes

  • Introducing Zoom Notes
    Zoom Notes is a new workspace that enables users to create and collaborate before, during, and after meetings. During a Zoom Meeting, use Notes to collaborate with others for real-time inputs—eliminating the distraction of jumping between Zoom and third-party documents and tools. Users can even continue to work in Notes outside of meetings asynchronously and share them for collaboration anytime, anywhere. This feature is available for all Zoom accounts.

Release notes for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) (5.15.5)

Resolved issues

  • General fixes
    • Language Interpretation Compatibility with Older Plugins
      An issue was reported where Language Interpretation was disabled when a 5.15.2 or 5.15.4 client connected to any plugin older than 5.15.2.
    • Meeting window displayed when remote virtual desktop is locked
      An issue was reported where the meeting window could continue to be displayed after the remote virtual desktop entered screen-lock state. This issue was reported in version 5.15.4.
    • Improper video sizes with custom immersive view
      An issue was reported with the VDI plugin where the video is not correctly placed vertically. This was reported in version 5.15.2.
    • Crash on Logitech Camera C925E/C930E
      A crash issue was reported on VDI client and plugin which could potentially cause a crash when using a Logitech Camera C925E/C930E. This issue was reported in version 5.15.2.
  • macOS fixes
    • Plugin Management would not work when AllowEnableLog and LogLevel were both set to 0
      When the AllowEnableLog and LogLevel registry keys were both set to 0, Plugin Management would not install the downloaded VDI Plugin pkg.
    • Prevent empty log files for Plugin Management
      An issue was reported where empty log files were created on macOS when logging is disabled. This issue was reported in version 5.15.0.

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