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Group Messaging allows you to easily create private or public groups, send group chats, files, screen captures, images and start an instant group meeting with or without video. You can use group messaging on Mac, PC, iOS and Android devices running Zoom.


  • You can only log into Group Messaging from one desktop Zoom Client and one mobile Zoom Client at a time. If you login to a second device on either desktop or mobile, you will be logged out of Group Messaging on the other desktop or mobile device.
  • You can create private and public groups with the latest version of the Zoom app.
  • If you send another user a meeting join link, such as, through group messaging they will be immediately called and invited to that meeting.


  • Login using your Zoom Account, Single Sign-On Account, Google Apps Account, or Facebook Account on the desktop client.  
    • Click on Contacts to see your company contacts within Zoom. Here, there are three different groups of contacts; Company: users under your user management and users with the same company domain, Other Contacts: users you have added manually by either accepting an invitation or that you have invited, or Favorites: users you have set as a favorite.  
    • If you have IM Management with IM Groups enabled, you will also see the respective groups (instead of the Company contacts), along with the default Zoom Rooms group.
    • To create a group chat, click on the +Add Group. Give your group a name and add your contacts. You can add up to 2000 contacts per group chat.
    • You can add a Private group whereby you have to invite the members or a Public group whereby anyone can join. 
    • You can also join a Public group. Search the group by name and join. 
  1. Settings: you can change defaults for Group Messaging from the Settings > General
    • Here you can turn on or off several settings including: notification sound, chat notification, show offline contacts, and when to show as offline.
  2. Display contacts: Zoom only displays the first 500 contacts under Company and Other Contacts. You can search for contacts beyond the 500 displayed and add them to your favorite’s list. Search will also display recent contacts with but may not be in your Company and Other Contacts
  3. Delete Contacts: You can only delete contacts that you have invited or accepted an invitation from.
      • Login using your Zoom Account, Single Sign-On Account, Google Apps Account, or Facebook Account on your App. 


      • Select Settings then Phone Contacts Matching and enter your phone number if you want to match your contacts with Zoom.


      • Select Contacts to see phone and company contacts within Zoom. To add contacts, select the plus sign in the top right hand corner. You can either add contacts by Email or from your contacts.You can also create a New Group or join a Public Group.
    • Select Meet & Chat. Here you can see active group chats or create a new Group Chat in the top right corner.


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