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Published November 2016

Zoom Video Webinar allows you to broadcast a Zoom meeting to up to 10000 view-only attendees. It includes registration with custom questions, attendee lists, and Q&A chat ability for attendees. 

This article covers:


  • Must purchase a Video Webinar plan of 100, 500, 1000, 3000, 5000, or 10000 participants
  • Host user type must be Pro, and be assigned the Webinar license
  • Zoom Desktop Client version 3.0+
  • Zoom Mobile App version 3.0+

Note: Zoom Rooms and CRC (H.323 and SIP devices) can join a webinar and be a panelist, but they cannot be the host of the webinar.

How to Purchase

You can purchase the Video Webinar license by visiting or by contacting sales. For information on assigning users the Webinar plan, please see About User Management.

Registration Types for Webinars

There are two main types of registration for Webinar, required registration and registrationless.

Registration Required

There are two methods for Webinars that require registration

  1. Manually Approve Registrants - The host of the Webinar will manually approve or decline whether a registrant receives the information to join the Webinar.
  2. Automatically Approve Registrants - All registrants to the Webinar will automatically receive information on how to join the Webinar.

These Webinars that require registration will have registration customization where Webinar Reports will have customized fields.


There are two main types of registrationless Webinars

  1. One-Time - Attendees will join the webinar only once. After the webinar ends, attendees will not be able to use the same information to join the Webinar
  2. Recurring - Attendees will be able to repeatedly join the same Webinar with the information provided. 

These Webinars will have Webinar Reports, but will be limited to name and email for attendance reports.

Scheduling a Webinar

  1. Learn how to schedule a Webinar the requires registration here.
  2. Learn how to schedule a registrationless Webinar here.

Inviting Attendees and Panelists

Panelists are full participants in the meeting. They can view and send video, screen share, annotate, etc. You can have 100 panelists (including the host) in a Webinar. Please note that panelists will receive a direct email invitation separate from the attendees of the Webinar.

To invite Panelists:

  1. Select the Edit button in the Panelist panel
  2. Select Add a Panelist in the box that appears and enter their Name and E-mail Address. Press Save to send invites to the new Panelists entered.
    • You can add up to 100 panelists
    • You can delete and add panelists any time prior to the Webinar

Attendees are view-only participants. They will see the active speaker view of the meeting and the screen share of the meeting if the screen is being shared. Q&A is provided via a text chat panel.

Attendees are invited to register for the event, given questions chosen by the organizer. Once registered, they will receive an email notification with a unique join link.

To invite Attendees to register:

  • Option 1: Copy the registration URL and send out using your email, post to a website, etc.
  • Option 2: Select "Copy the invitation" to view and copy the Zoom created invite verbiage and paste in to an email, post to your website, etc.
  • Option 3: Have Zoom send the invitation verbiage to your email address to forward on to your potential attendees.


Starting a Webinar

There are a few ways that you can start your webinar.

  • Go to your Webinar tab, find the webinar, and click Start.
  • In the Zoom client, click on the Meetings tab. Find the webinar, and click Start.
  • If you have added this to your calendar, click on the link displayed on your calendar reminder. Make sure that you are logged into your Zoom account before clicking the link. 


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