Password Help and Requirements Follow

Change Password Requirements:

The password requirements for Zoom accounts are:

  1. Must be at least 6 characters
  2. Cannot contain only one character (i.e., "111111" or "aaaaaa")
  3. Cannot contain consecutive characters (i.e., "123456" or "abcdef")  

Forgot Password Requirements and Help:

  1. Must be of regular work email type and have a Zoom account. 
  2. If you do not receive the email confirmation to reset your password please try checking your spam box and trash filters. You can also try re-sending  the password reset email when entering your email at 
  3. We can always perform a manual reset of your account's password on the back end for you. Please feel free to submit a ticket so we can further assist you at

Change Password For Google or Facebook Account Type:

If you are receiving a message that states your user name does not exist you may have setup an account with Google or Facebook type.


You will need to either change your password directly with your Google or Facebook account. This is a seperate login application method and you will need to have access to your application login information. Please see below for help documents to successfully change your password for Google or Facebook type.

First try logging in directly with Google or Facebook when attempting to access your account, otherwise please see Google and Facebook password help documents below.

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