New Updates for Meeting Connector Follow

Upcoming Release

Details about upcoming releases will be posted as they become available. 

Current Release

September 27th, 2019 Version 4.5.201900.0926

Change to Existing Features

  • Upgraded Virtual Machine Based Operating System
    The Meeting Connector now runs on CentOS 7.6. Since the virtual machine operating system has been updated, we recommend redeploying the virtual machine with the latest image.
  • SSL Encryption Automatically Enabled
    With Cloud Meetings now requiring encryption, the meeting connector will now have encryption auto-enabled as well. Due to that change, two different IP addresses are required for the MMR and ZC to utilize SSL over port 443.

New and Enhanced Features

  • Updated Web Console for MC Management

    The Meeting Connector web console has been updated for improved usability. Admins can now add users to manage MC processes and start or stop processes from the web console.
  • Certificate Management
    Meeting Connector now allows the certificate for the virtual machine to be changed through the web console.

Resolved Issues

  • Minor Bug Fixes

Previous Release

April 25, 2019 Version 4.3.36476.0327

Resolved Issues

  • Minor Bug Fixes

Dec. 1, 2018 Version: 4.3.134251.1029

  • Fix for CVE-2018-15715

Feb 6, 2018 Version: 4.3.114891.1123

  • Bug fixes

Nov 11, 2017 Version: 4.3.98838.1114

  • Enhanced server security
  • Bug fixes

Dec 14, 2016 Version: 4.0.74356.1206

  • A Recording Connector can now access the Meeting Connector via an internal ip address
  • Other minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Mar 30, 2016 Version: 3.6.43993.0312

  • Fixed Dashboard bug
  • Fixed view only client showing as active speaker
  • Other minor enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Feb 16, 2016 Version: 3.6.40445.0216

Jun 9, 2014 Version: 2.5.863.0609

  • Dual NIC interface support for new install to support SSL

Dec 13, 2013 Version: 1.0.34775.1213

  • Supports cloud telephony gateway

Nov 4, 2013 Version: 1.0.31398.1104

Sep 20, 2013 Version: 1.0.23635.0911

May 25, 2013 Version: 1.0.23635.0520


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