At Zoom, we are hard at work to provide you with the best 24x7 global support experience during this pandemic. As part of this ongoing commitment, please review our updated Support Guidelines.

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Zoom Support Guidelines

We understand how important Zoom products are for keeping you connected at work, school, and in your personal life. In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom remains committed to providing the best possible customer experience. 

To help maximize your experience, the Zoom Support Team has outlined the following guidelines to ensure your questions are answered in a consistent, timely manner.

In this article, you will find the following resources:

Zoom Support Help Center overview

The Zoom Help Center is your first stop for accessing all our best tips and tricks as well as answers to your most pressing questions. Access the Zoom Help Center any time day or night at

Here’s a tour of what you will find our our Help Center:

Zoom Support Plans and Contact Options

When you have questions that our Zoom Help Center can’t solve, there are several options to get additional support from Zoom technical experts.

Free Account Users

If you are leveraging our basic free account, we offer unrestricted access to our online resources including: video tutorials, knowledge base, and user guides. Virtual assistance via our chatbot is also available.

Paid Account Users

All licensed, paid account users receive full web support including access to our video library, knowledge base, and user guides. Additionally, Zoom account owners/administrators may leverage our chat and web case support.

Licensed owners/administrators of Zoom Business, Education, Enterprise, and API accounts, we offer chat, web case, and phone support as options.

All accounts may leverage Zoom’s self-service resources for reporting abusive behavior, billing discrepancies, and accessing our sales team.

Premier Support

For accounts that need additional support, Zoom’s Premier services program provides access to our web support tools plus Frontline Tier 1 Chat and ticket creation to help resolve issues quickly. Additionally, Account Administrators can connect with Direct Tier 2 support agents with experience diagnosing the toughest problems. Read more about Premier

Premier + Support

Our Premier+ program provides all the same services and support as the Premier program, plus proactive engagement with an assigned Technical Account Manager, Automated Escalation, and Standard Support SLA. Read more about Premier+

Contacting Support

Social Media

Follow all the latest Zoom news, tips, and tricks via your favorite Social Media Channels

Web Case

For fast help, licensed users of Pro accounts may create a web case describing your question or issue in detail and our technical experts will resolve the issue and respond to you quickly. Submit your web case here: Online Web Case.

Bolt, our chatbot

Access our virtual assistant Bolt, the chatbot to receive help with our most common questions. When questions are too complex for Bolt to answer, paid account users may continue on to a live chat support agent for 24x7 assistance. Access our chatbot from the right side of any page on the Zoom Help Center.


Licensed owners and administrators of Business, Education, Enterprise or API accounts can report support requests to Zoom via phone: 
Note: Please have your Personal Meeting ID and host key ready when reaching Zoom support via phone.

  • United States: +1.888.799.9666 ext 2
  • Australia: +61.1800.768.027 ext 2
  • France: +33.800.94.64.64 ext 2
  • Hong Kong:  +852.3002.3757
  • India: 000.800.050.2040 ext 2
  • Japan (English only): 0053.132.0070 ext 2
  • Malaysia: +60.1800.81.9551 ext 2
  • New Zealand: +64.800.475.039 ext 2
  • Singapore: +65.800.321.1249 ext 2
  • United Kingdom: +44.800.368.7314 ext 2 or +44.20.7039.8961 ext 2

Service Levels and Priorities

To ensure proper expectations are set when submitting a case to Zoom’s technical support team, we prioritize issues based on the following criteria:

Priority 1 - Urgent
The service is “down,” operation of the service is severely degraded, or there is a critical impact to the service due to a fault with the network or other software issue. No workarounds. Examples include failures of Zoom’s transmission services or software functions. Zoom will provide necessary resources around the clock to resolve this situation.

Priority 2 - High
Significant aspects of the service are negatively affected by inadequate performance of the network or other software issues. Partial or no workarounds. Zoom will provide resources during Zoom’s normal business hours to resolve the situation and additional resources outside of Zoom’s normal business hours as reasonably necessary.

Priority 3 - Normal
General issues related to a feature or a set of features. Operational performance of the service is not impaired. Zoom will provide reasonable resources during Zoom’s normal business hours to assist in resolving the problem or providing a workaround.

Priority 4 – Low
Informational or Feature Change Request: Customer requires information or assistance with service’s capabilities, installation or configuration and there is little to no effect on its business operations. Included are requests for information, assistance, features, alpha/beta and others. Such requests will be handled within Zoom's normal business hours.

Target response times
Target response time for a support ticket will be the time (a) commencing when Zoom receives a proper support ticket from customer and (b) ending when customer receives notification that the support ticket has been logged.

Owners and Administrators of Pro, Business, Education, Enterprise, and API plans, here are initial target response times for each priority level:

Priority 1 - Urgent: 1 Hour
Priority 2 - High: 4 Hour
Priority 3 - Normal: 24 Hours
Priority 4 - Low: 24 Hours