IMPORTANT: Known Issues Follow

May 2016: 

1. Problem: When users are in a Zoom Room and connect from a USB based audio device (i.e. Jabra 810, Revolabs UC series) their audio may lead to a little more frequent occurrences of echo that is more apparent in larger rooms.

Workaround: From the Zoom Rooms menu, unlock your settings from "Lock Settings" and then go to "Settings". From here, please make sure your volume is adjusted to no more than 60% on the volume slider bar.

Feb 2016:

1. Problem: When users screen share into a Zoom Room with 'share computer audio' selected, audio will play through the Zoom Room audio device as well as the computer's audio that you're sharing content from.

Workaround: From the meeting, click Join Audio > Test computer Audio > turn the output volume all the way down.

2. Problem: Users have reported that Zoom and the Mac OS system audio do not recognize the external USB speaker or Microphone intermittently with MacOS 10.11.x. This is likely related to a MacOS bug.

Workaround: Upgrade to MacOS 10.11.14downgrade to MacOS 10.10, or remove any USB hub/USB extension. 

Jan 2016

Problem: Users have reported a gray screen when attempting to play DVD from Mac OSx.

Workaround: Use VLC Player to play the content.

Dec 2014

Users have reported audio issues with Yosemite 10.10. Please see

Feb 2014

Apple Mac OS has fixed an audio distortion issue with Mac OS 10.9.2.  This issue may cause echo and audio feedback during a Zoom meeting.  Please update via Mac App Store or directly from Apple Support Download


Oct 2013

Facebook has changed the login method parameter. You may see the following error when logging in from the Windows client. 


Fix: Download the latest Zoom client for Windows at



Sep 2013

Does not recognize Mac Air (2013) camera with MacOS 10.8.5

We are waiting for Apple to resolve an issue where the Zoom Mac client cannot recognize the built-in Mac Air (2013) camera after upgrading to MacOS 10.8.5.  This issue applies to various apps, not just Zoom.  Update: Apple to release a fix soon.  Update: Apple has updated the fix today on Oct 4, 2013. 


Issue with Norton Anti-Virus

Norton is alerting that Zoom client (Win 7 or Win 8) as WS.1-Reputation. We have submitted a false positive report to Norton. Norton has acknowledged the false positive and will be fixed on the next Live Update (9/16/2013). Update: This is now resolved with Norton's latest update. 


Jul 2013

Installation failure, version: 2_6_0, error: 10006

Error 10006 can result for a few reasons:

  • The target disk is full
  • The source link of the Zoom package is broken
  • An antivirus software like AVG that could have isolated the file downloaded by the Zoom installer


  • Please check your disk space and make sure there is sufficient space
  • Please click, download the package and install it manually
  • If the problem persists, please open a ticket here and we will contact you for troubleshooting 

Jan 2013:

Issue with Windows installation error

When installing the Zoom windows client, if you experienced an error message such as " Installation failure, version: 2_6_1, error: 1618," please restart your PC. This message indicates that you had downloaded Microsoft updates  the PC was not restarted. Please restart the PC and then install Zoom. 

If the error persists, please get this installer.txt file and submit a new ticket. The installer.txt file is located at c:/users/username/AppData/Roaming/Zoom

When updating Zoom to a newer version, if you experienced an error message such as "Installation failure, error 1612," please visit Microsoft Support, go to the Resolution section and find Microsoft Fixit, and then Run Now. 

Dec 2012: 

Issue with anti-virus engine:

The Windows client is validated with the most popular AV engines, such as Mcafee, Symantec, Trend Micro, AVG, and more. 

If you encounter installation issue with AV engine. Please contact us with the type and version of AV and or open a ticket here. 

Nov 2012:

Issues with network firewall or URL filters:

If you are on a corporate or vpn network, you may encounter the following -

a. URL filter that is blocking access to

    If you know what the firewall/URL filter is, please let us know via we will contact the vendor to update their categorization. 
    You can also contact your IT admin to re-categorize from new (parked domain) to a business website.

b. Network firewall or proxy server

     If your app stays in a "connecting" mode and timed out to a "Network error, please try again" - it could be a proxy server or network firewall settings

      Note: For network firewall settings, please allow udp and tcp port 8801, 8802 and 8804 inbound and outbound.  Otherwise, we will use port 443 SSL. 

      Note: We also support http proxy server. You may need to enter the proxy settings on the client. 

Oct 2012

USB Hub preventing audio/video:

If you are having an issue with getting your audio/video to work during a meeting and are using multi-port USB hub.

You must:

1. 'Click' on Stop Video.

2 Go-to Video in the settings menu.

3. Click the Video Drop down box, and select the Camera device you wish to use.

This should allow the Camera to function properly..


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