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IT Admin may choose to install Zoom using MSI for Windows to preconfigure settings. They can deploy this via GPO or SCCM. 

Note: If installing the client via GPO script, install using a startup script for the desktop client. If you also want to deploy the Outlook plugin via GPO script, install using a logon script.

This article covers:

Learn to install Zoom with preconfigured settings for Mac. 


Go to Download Center, and click on Download for IT Admin; or directly from

Configuration Options

Install: msiexec /package ZoomInstallerFull.msi /lex zoommsi.log

Silent install: msiexec /i ZoomInstallerFull.msi /quiet /qn /norestart /log install.log

Auto-update: Disabled by default. To enable, append ZoomAutoUpdate="true" to your install choice:

msiexec /package  ZoomInstallerFull.msi /lex zoommsi.log ZoomAutoUpdate="true"

Auto-start with Windows*: Disabled by default. To enable, append ZoomAutoStart="true" to the end of your install choice:

msiexec /package ZoomInstallerFull.msi /lex zoommsi.log ZoomAutoStart="true"

Auto-start Silently with Windows*: Disabled by default. To enable, append ZSILENTSTART="true" to the end of your install choice:

msiexec /package ZoomInstallerFull.msi /lex zoommsi.log ZSILENTSTART="true"

Do not create Desktop Shortcut: Disabled by default. To enable, append ZNoDesktopShortCut="true" to the end of your install choice:

msiexec /package ZoomInstallerFull.msi /lex zoommsi.log ZNoDesktopShortCut="true"

Preconfigure SSO URL: Disabled by default. To enable, append ZSSOHOST="your_company". So full SSO endpoints such as , the input can be:

  • your_company
  • https://your_company

msiexec /package ZoomInstallerFull.msi /lex zoommsi.log ZSSOHOST="your_company"

Additional Configuration Options - ZConfig: To enable additional options, append the ZConfig parameter to the end of your install choice. Separate multiple options by ';':

msiexec /package ZoomInstaller.msi /norestart /lex msi.log ZConfig="account=your_account_id;nogoogle=1;nofacebook=1;"

Additional options for ZConfig are listed in the table below:

Option Description Values
account Restrict Zoom Client to only join meetings hosted by a given account. Zoom Account ID
*Please contact support for account id information
nogoogle Disables the ability to login with Google 1 (Disables Google login)
nofacebook Disables the ability to login with Facebook 1 (Disables Facebook login)
login_domain Set e-mail address domains that can be used for login
*To add multiple domains, simply add & between:
recordpath Set the default recording location for local recordings C:/your_recording_path
noaeroonwin7 Disable Window's Aero Mode on Windows 7 1 (Windows Aero disabled)
min2tray Minimize Zoom to system tray 1 (Zoom is minimized to system tray)
advdscp Enable support for custom DSCP values. 1
AddFWException Disable UAC prompt when logging into Zoom 1
AutoHideToolbar Disable auto-hide toolbar (always show meeting controls) 0
FullScreenWhenJoin Disable Full Screen when starting or joining a meeting


DisableScreenShare Disable Screen Share when starting or joining a meeting


ConfirmWhenLeave Confirm before leaving a meeting


ShowConnectedTime Show the length of time that the user has been in a meeting


UseDualMonitor Use dual monitors when a second monitor is connected


MuteVoipWhenJoin Always mute the microphone when joining a meeting


HideNonVideoUsers Hide non-video participants in a meeting


*Users will not have the ability to change these settings in their Zoom client. It will be dependent on what option the admin selects when installing via MSI. 

Meeting Options: Disabled by default. To enable, append ZConfig="kCmdParam_InstallOption=X". X represents a numeric value. The values and options enabled are as follows:

Value Option
1 Disable Video Camera
2 Automatically Join VoIP
4 Automatically enable dual monitor
8 Default to login with SSO
16 Automatically enter full screen when viewing shared content
32 Automatically fit to window when viewing shared content
64 Enable 720p by default
128 Remote control all applications 

To enable multiple settings, add the values. For example, to enable Automatically Join VoIP (2) AND 720p by default (64), set the ZoomInstall option to 66:

msiexec /package ZoomInstallerFull.msi /lex zoommsi.log ZConfig="kCmdParam_InstallOption=66"

Other options: please see

Uninstall: To uninstall Zoom completely please use the following uninstaller. There is an option to keep user data. If you want to save user data, run as "CleanZoom.exe /keepdata"

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