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Can I log in without Google or Facebook? Follow


If you have an existing Zoom account with Google or Facebook login, you can add an email and password login, using the same email address associated with your Google or Facebook account.

Note: If you have previously logged in with Google or Facebook only, on the Profile page, you will see icons indicating Google or Facebook, but no icon for email.


  • Existing Zoom Account with Google or Facebook login
  • Email and password log in permitted by Account owner


  1. Sign out of your Zoom existing account. 
  2. Go to
  3. Enter in the email address that matches your Google or Facebook login.
  4. Click Sign Up.
  5. You will receive an email with sign up instructions. Click Activate Account.
  6. Enter your desired password twice.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. You can enter in email addresses of contacts to invite or choose Skip this Step.
  9. Click Go to My Account.
  10. This will take you to Profile page of the existing Zoom account. It should now show the Google or Facebook icon that it showed previously, as well as an email icon to indicate that you can login with email address and password.
    Note: If you change your sign-in email after completing the steps above, you will no longer be able to login with Facebook or Google unless you are signed into accounts using the new sign-in email.

    If you change the email on your Facebook account, you can continue logging in using Facebook but you will no longer be able to login with the sign-in email and password you created unless you change them as well on your Zoom profile.