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What is a Meeting ID? Follow


The meeting ID is the meeting number associated with an instant or scheduled meeting. The meeting ID can be a 9, 10 or 11-digit number. The 9-digit number is used for instant, scheduled or recurring meeting. The 10, or 11-digit number is used for Personal Meeting IDs.

This article covers:

Meeting ID Expiration

  • An instant meeting ID expires when the instant meeting ends.
  • You can start your scheduled meeting at any time after you scheduled it.
  • A non-recurring meeting ID (also known as a one-time meeting ID) will expire 30 days after the scheduled date, if the meeting is not recorded. You can also restart the same meeting ID within the 30 days and if you restart the meeting, it will remain valid for another 30 days.
  • A recurring meeting IDs expires if it isn't used for 365 days.

Note: Webinar IDs will expire and be unusable past the webinars scheduled end-time if the webinar is not currently in progress. The webinar will be deleted from previous webinars 30 days after the scheduled end time. 

Locating the Meeting ID During a Meeting

PC or Mac

The Meeting ID is displayed on the top center of your Zoom meeting window.  If you are in full screen mode, press Esc to see the meeting ID:

Android or iOS

Tap on the screen to display the Meeting ID at the top.

Note: If invite participants to the meeting, the 9-digit number in the invitation URL is the meeting ID.

Locating the Meeting ID for a Scheduled Meeting

You can view, start or delete your upcoming or previous meetings IDs in the Meetings page in the Zoom web portal.


You can also view, start, edit or delete your upcoming meeting IDs on the Zoom app. Click on the Meetings tab.

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