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How Do I Update A Scheduled Meeting? Follow

If you have scheduled a meeting via the Zoom scheduler, a Meeting ID is generated.  When you invite via your your calendar, the join instructions are automatically pasted to the calendar invitation. 

Note: Any edits to a meeting that is currently in progress will not take effect. The meeting must be ended and restarted for the changes to take effect. 

About Meeting ID:

  • You can start your meeting at any time after you scheduled it. 
  • Non-recurring meeting ID will expire 30 days after the meeting is scheduled or started. You can also re-start the same meeting ID within the 30 days.  
  • Recurring meeting ID will expire 365 days after the meeting is started on the first occurrence. You can re-use the meeting ID for future occurrences. 
Reschedule a meeting:
  • If you need to re-schedule a meeting, simply update your schedule on your calendar.
  • It is not necessary to update the meeting on the Zoom scheduler
Adding or deleting invitation attendees:
  • If you need to add or delete attendees, you can do so from your calendar (To: or Add Guests on calendars)
  • There is no need to update the meeting on the Zoom scheduler
Edit your scheduled meeting on the Zoom Scheduler:
  • Click on My Meetings, Upcoming, Edit (the scheduled meeting)
  • You can use it to update the scheduled time, however this is not necessary

Editing Pre-populated calendar/invite invitation:

You can edit or add to the pre-populated invitation text that is in your calendar invite to match your needs