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You can update your old email address on the Zoom web portal. Once the email is updated, you will be able to log into the Zoom site with the this new email.


  • A Basic, Pro, Business, or Education account
  • An email address that does not already exist in Zoom


To update your email, go to the My Profile section of the web portal. Then click the Edit button to the right of "Sign-in Email"

There are 3 different scenarios available depending on the login type. These are Work Email login, Gmail & Facebook login, and SSO login. Each scenario is described below:

Work Email Login:

If your primary type is a work email, enter the new email and current password on the account. Then click "Save Changes."

A confirmation email will be sent to the new email address. At this time you can resend the request or cancel the email update.

 Gmail and Facebook Login:

 If you login via Gmail or Facebook, you can enter a valid Gmail or Facebook email in the prompt.

Upon correct entry of this login type, you will receive a confirmation to the new Gmail or Facebook address.

SSO Login

For SSO users, please enter a valid SSO email.

*Warning*: If you change your email with an SSO login, please make sure the email has been updated with your SSO service

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