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About Settings:

In the zoom client or application you will have a "Settings" option. 

Once you have selected "Settings" you will have the following options:

  • Audio - Change/Test your Microphone and/or speaker(s)(For more information "Click here")
  • Video - Change or switch Camera(s)(For more information "Click here")
  • General - Edit Application, Content sharing, and Instant message
  • Feedback - Leave feedback for zoom
  • Recording - Change where your recording files are saved(For more information "Click here")
  • Account - Change your subscription plan

Note: you can also access these settings in your "tool bar" during a zoom meeting .

General: Application, Content Sharing, Instant Message

Here you can select and/or change general settings to match your own personal preferences.


Windows-only Settings

  • Start Zoom when I start Windows
  • Minimize window to Notification Area - when minimizing the application, Zoom will only appear in the System Tray next to your time and date display
  • Turn off Windows 7 Aero mode in screen sharing - turns off the Windows 7 Aero mode when sharing screen to free up processing power on your machine

Mac-only Settings

  • Bounce application icon when I receive a chat message
    • Continously (default)
    • Once

Shared Settings

  • Automatically copy Invitation URL to Clipboard after meeting starts
  • Confirm with me when I leave a meeting - toggles the prompt to confirm when leaving meetings
  • Enter full screen mode automatically when starting video
  • Enter full screen mode automatically when viewing the the shared screen
  • Fit to window automatically when viewing the shared screen
  • Enable dual stream for dual monitor
  • Play sound when I receive a chat message
  • Show floating notification when I receive a chat message
  • Show offline contacts - show contacts who are not set to Online, Busy, or Mobile in Group Messaging (default is to not show Offline contacts)
  • Show my status as Offline when I am inactive for __ minutes
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