Sharing computer sound in a screen share

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Zoom screen sharing allows you to share the desktop, window, application, or audio/video. If audio is an important part of your shared content, you can also send the computer's audio (in mono or stereo) to the remote attendees when sharing, providing a more professional and immersive sharing experience. 


  • For mono audio: 
    • Zoom desktop client for Windows, macOS and Linux, version 5.0.0 or higher 
  • For stereo audio: 
    • Zoom desktop client for Windows, macOS and Linux, version 5.5.0 or higher 

Sharing audio with shared content

  1. Start or join a Zoom meeting. 
  2. Click on Share Screen on the meeting toolbar.
  3. Select the program or desktop you wish to share. 
  4. Select Share Sound in the bottom-left corner of the share selection window. 
  5. (Optional) Select the down arrow ˅ just to the right of the Share Sound option to view audio options and switch between Mono and Stereo (high fidelity) audio options. 
  6. Click on Share in the bottom-right corner to begin sharing with your device's audio included. 


  • Sharing device audio can also be enabled after you have begun sharing by locating the share toolbar, clicking More, then selecting Share Sound.
  • To switch between mono and stereo sound while sharing, locate the share toolbar, click More, then select between Mono and Stereo (high fidelity) options under Select sharing sound mode. 

Screen sharing with computer sound while connected to meeting audio via phone

  • This applies to users who join the meeting via both phone and computer to receive audio via the phone and video/screen sharing via computer and enter their Meeting ID and Participant ID to bind devices together. 
  • If this user checks Share Computer Sound on their computer, this will trigger the audio to channel through both their phone device as well their computer audio. 
  • To stop sending audio, simply click Stop Share at the top of your meeting screen or mute the speaker of your phone or the speaker of your PC or Mac. 


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