Sharing Computer Sound During Screen Sharing Follow

Zoom screen sharing allows you to share the desktop, window, application or audio/video. Zoom allows you to also send computer audio to the remote attendees when sharing a video or audio clip. 

To share computer audio such as YouTube, Pandora, etc. during screen sharing, click on Share Computer Sound

Note: This feature is not available on Windows XP, Linux, or ChromeOS


Screen Sharing with Computer Sound While Connected To Meeting On Phone Device:

  • This concerns users who choose to join into the same meeting on their phone or VoIP device to enter their Meeting ID as well as their Participant ID to sync devices together to receive audio and visual on two separate devices. (See below screenshot)
  • If this user decides to click on Share Computer Sound on their PC or MAC device this will trigger the audio to channel through both their phone device as well their computer audio. 
  • To stop the the audio received on these devices simply select 'Stop Share' at the top of your meeting screen or mute the speaker of your phone or the speaker of your PC or MAC. 


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