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Instant Messaging allow you to have contacts on your Zoom client for PC, Mac, iOS or Android and chat, share files and images and start an instant meeting with them.

Your contacts automatically include other users from your Zoom account, based on IM Management. Learn how to add a contact.


  • Zoom Account of any level
  • Zoom client installed on your PC, Mac, iOS or Android device

How to Use Contacts

  1. Login to the Zoom application.
  2. Click on Contacts.
  3. Search your contacts by name to find the user you would like to chat or meet with. 
  4. With your contact you can chat with them or start an instant meeting by hovering over their name.

    • Selecting Meet will ring the other participant to join the Zoom Meeting (Zoom must be running on your contact's device)
    • Selecting Chat will open up the chat window where you can message them or send them images or files 
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