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Group Messaging allow you to have contacts on your Zoom client for PC Mac, iOS, Android and BlackBerry.


  • Your contacts must be in your or your company's user management list 
  • The user management list can consist of basic (free) and pro (paid) users
  • (Optional) You can add managed domain that automatically adds signed up user to your company's user management list.

To get started:

  • Click on Contacts
  • Search your contacts by name to find the user you would like to chat or meet with. 

  • With your contact you can start a group chat or a one on one video meeting.

  • Selecting Meet will ring the other participant to join the Zoom Meeting (Zoom must be running on your contact's device)

 To Add Contacts Not Shared In User Management:

  • Click on the Contacts > Add Contact to input an email to add or copy the invitation (Version 3.5.24604.0824 or higher)

Note: The below steps are for Versions older than 3.5.24604.0824

  • Click on the plus arrow dropdown to generate an invitation to add someone to your contacts list using your default email client. (user must have Zoom 3.0 and higher)
  • Click on copy invitation to copy the invitation to manually add someone to your contacts (user must have Zoom 3.0 and higher)
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