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Reasons for Failed Local Recording Conversion

After you end a Zoom meeting, your recorded meeting will begin to convert. Your recording may fail to convert due to the following reasons:

  • You may have low "disk space" on your computer at that time. [Error Code 614]
  • Invalid working "path/folder" (sometimes, an invalid network connection may appear with this warning too) . 
  • Abnormal errors such as "internal errors" (bad data stream), invalid command, or logic issues. 


  • If you close your laptop or turn off your computer while the recording is converting, it will stop the conversion process.
  • If you change the name of the double_click_to_convert.zoom file(s) while the recorded meeting is converting, it may corrupt the file and not convert correctly.  

What can I do? 

1. Please check your "Disk space" and try and free up some space if it is low. 

2. Change the recording location in your Zoom client and make sure it is a valid path string/folder.


3. After completing Steps 1-2, you may then try to manually convert your meeting by selecting convert for the recording that has not yet converted. To do so, select Meetings>>Recorded>>Convert.

Submit to Zoom for a Manual Conversion 

If the click to convert fails, please send us the file for a manual conversion.

Note: Conversion times vary based on file size as larger files need more time due to download/upload wait times. In most cases, you can expect a 24 hour turnaround.

  1. Find the Double_Click_to_convert files by selecting Open under the meeting that failed to convert.
  2. Upload both of the "Double-click-to-convert" files to something like - Dropbox, Box, Google drive, etc.
  3. Send the URL/shared link to us via a support ticket and we will manually convert your recording, upload the successfully converted file and send it back to you. 


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