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Update: Please see our Developer Portal for more up to date content on our REST API and Mobile SDK.

The Zoom REST API allows you to manage the following:
  1. Users
  2. Meetings
  3. Reports
  4. Cloud Recordings
  5. Webinars
  6. Sub-Accounts
Quick Start
  1. Sign up for a Basic (with credit card verification), ProBusiness or API Partner subscription
  2. Login to your account, then select “API tab” and generate a pair of API key and secret. You can re-generate a new API secret at any time.
  3. Using REST API to create a user if your account has the privilege to provisioning user.
  4. Using REST API to create a meeting for that user. If success, you will get a start meeting URL like and a join meeting URL without token, like
  5. Now you can open a new browser window to launch to start meeting. Zoom will handle the client download, installation and launching.
  6. Anybody who gets the join meeting URL can open it in a browser and join the meeting.
Note: For Business plan
1. /user/autocreate
An enterprise customer who has an approved managed domain can create users without email verification. All new user email addresses must satisfy "managed domain" criteria. 
Note:  For API Partner plan
1. /user/custcreate
An API partner can create a user type with no password authentication with Zoom. This user type will login to the partner site only and will not have access to Zoom's site. 
2. /report/
API partner can also call  the report API to get the meeting reports. 
3. To become an API partner, please sign up via
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