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You can login with Facebook, Google or sign up using your work or personal email. When you login or sign up, Zoom automatically creates an account for you. You are the owner and admin of your account.

There are 2 types of accounts: 

  • Free
  • Paid
There are 3 roles in the accounts:
  • Owner (all privileges)
  • Admin (add, remove or edit users. Can manage advanced features like API, SSO and Meeting Connector)
  • Users (no administrative privileges)
There are 3 types of users: 
  • Basic: A basic user is a free account user who can host up to 40 minute group meetings (3 or more participants).
  • Pro: A pro user is a paid account user who can host unlimited meetings on the public cloud.
  • Corp: A corp user is a paid account who can host unlimited meetings on the hybrid cloud (meeting connector).

An account owner or admin can add/invite other users to his/her account. 

  • In doing so, the account owner/admin is responsible for the user's service type (basic, pro or corp)
  • The user will receive an email and could accept the invitation to belong to the owner/admin account. 
  • The user could ignore the invitation as stay on his/her own account. 
  • Zoom allows users to sign in with work email, login with Facebook, or login with Google.  
  • Zoom allows for single sign-on (SAML2) to sign in 
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