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Published November 2016


User Management allows account Owners and Admins to manage their users, such as add, delete, and assign roles and add-on features. 

How to Use User Management

To begin, select User Management once you logged into your account. You will see Users, Pending, and Advanced.  

Selecting "users" will allow you to do the following:

  • You can "Edit" the account type of each user (Basic, Pro, and Corp) or department.
  • You can "Add" users one at a time or import a csv file. (Importing a cvs file will allow you to add multiple users at a time)
  • You can "Export" users to a csv file.
  • The Owner can set "Admin" user(s).  (Admin users can access features such as billing, user management, API, meeting connector and SSO).

Note: you must be the account owner to remove a user's "Admin" rights.

Add a new user

To add a new user to your account. You can simply click on "Add Users" or "Import Users".  Select their user type and user group, enter their e-mail address, and click "Add". The user must confirm the invite via an e-mail click. Importing users is done through a CSV file with the format email, first name, last name, department, user group.

Note:  You may add as many "Basic" users to your account as you want.  To add "Pro" users to your account you must have additional Paid Pro subscriptions. 


Selecting "Pending" will allow you to view user(s) who have not yet confirmed their accounts.

If the person who you have sent an invite to is having difficulty finding your invitation. You can resend the confirmation email to them using the "Resend" button.

Note: Pending invitation will expire after 30 days and will be removed from the pending list. 

Note: You can open a ticket with Zoom Support if the user did not receive the activation after repeated resends. 


Selecting "Advanced" will allow you to View the total number of all Basic, Pro, and Corp user(s).

You can choose to "change" the account type of all current "Basic" users to "Pro" users, or "Pro" to "Basic". 

You can select and "remove" all of any one account type.

You can also select a default user group and change groups of users.



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