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After you log in to your account via the website, you can access and manage your "My Meetings".

To do this simply select "My Meetings".  You will have two options to choose from, "Upcoming Meetings" and "Previous Meetings".My_meetings1.png

In your "Upcoming Meetings" You will be able to see all "scheduled" and "recurring meetings." 

you can view Date, Time, Topic, and Meeting ID of your upcoming meetings

You can also select "Start" to begin the scheduled zoom meeting. Or, you can select "Delete" to delete the meeting.

Note: if you have scheduled this meeting using a calendar, you will need to go and delete the meeting from that calendar as well.


In your "Previous meetings"  You can view all your past meetings. You can select "Start" or "Delete" these previous meetings as well.


Note: All scheduled meetings will remain in the "Previous meetings" list for 30 days. After 30 days the meetings will expire.

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