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My Profile allows you to update your profile and other feature settings. 

How to Use My Profile

To access your "My Profile"Sign In using your Work Email, Google or Facebook. You can also access this from your Zoom desktop or mobile app via My Profile. 

In My Profile, you have the option to update your personal information such as - 

  • Profile picture
  • First name, Last name
  • Phone number
  • Company/organization name
  • Personal Meeting ID (Pro User)
  • Personal Vanity URL (Business User)
  • Time zone
  • Change password
  • Host Key

To change any of this information, select "Edit" on the right hand side.

To change your zoom account password select "Edit under the "Password" portion of your Profile. You will need to enter you current password and then enter your new password.

Navigation to the Settings page will give a series of options that can be enabled or disabled. To disable or enable a feature, select "Edit" on the right hand side.

In Meeting

You can also enable and disable meeting features such as:

  • Enable/Disable Chat (No chat functionality for meeting you host)
  • Enable/Disable Private chat (No private chat functionality for meeting you host)
  • Enable/Disable in-meeting chats to save automatically
  • Enable/Disable Breakout session
  • Enable/Disable attendee on-hold (participant will not see or hear participants when this is enabled)
  • Enable/Disable assigning a meeting co-host
  • Enable/Disable enter/exit chime
  • Enable/Disable far end camera control
  • Enable/Disable feedback (turns off participants ability to leave feedback)



You can enable or disable recording features such as:

Email Notification

You can enable or disable email notifications such as:

  • Enable/Disable notification that attendees have joined before the host
  • Enable/Disable notification when you cancel a Zoom Meeting



You can enable or disable security settings:

  • Enable or disable end-to-end encryption (an added security layer of protection)
  • Enable or disable passwords for participants joining by phone

3rd Party Audo Conference

If activated, you can enable or disable 3rd party audio conferencing

Scheduling Privilege

You can also assign another user scheduling privilege


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