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My Account:

To access and view your "Account" you will need to visit and select the "Login" tab located in the upper-right hand corner of the web-page.

Log-in using your Zoom , Google, or Facebook account. Once you you access your Zoom profile, select the "My Account" tab


If you are a member on the account, you will see information on your account:

As a administrator or owner on the account, you will have elevated privileges.

Here you can view your Accounts information, such as the following:

  • Account type
  • Your Role
  • Meeting Capacity
  • Account name
  • Account alias
  • Account Support Information
  • Apply/View for Managed Domain
  • Apply/View for Vanity URL
  • Toll-Free Usage (Requires Premium Audio Subscription)
  • View Cloud Recording information (Requires Cloud Recording Subscription)
  • Dashboard (Requires Business, Education, or API Partner Subscription)

Navigating further down the page will show a list of options that can be enabled for your account.

Meeting Options

  • Enable/Disable End-to-end encryption (an added security layer of protection)
  • Enable/Disable attendee on-hold
  • Enable/Disable Group HD (Requires Business Plan)
  • Enable/Disable in-meeting chat
  • Enable/Disable in-meeting private chat
  • Enable/Disable feedback to Zoom
  • Enable/Disable email notification when attendees join meeting before host
  • Enable/Disable email notification when cancelling a meeting
  • Enable/Disable DSCP Marking
  • Enable/Disable Co-Host
  • Enable Disable Join Before Host when scheduling meetings
  • Enable/Disable Host Video On when scheduling meetings
  • Enable/Disable Participant Video On when scheduling meetings
  • Enable/Disable Audio set to both when scheduling meetings
  • Enable/Disable Option to only allow signed in users to join the meeting
  • Enable/Disable Option to only allow signed in users from a specific domain to join
  • Enable/Disable 3rd party audio conference

Recording Options

Other Options

  • Enable/Disable hiding billing information from Account Admins
  • Enable/Disable Auto Answer
  • Enable/Disable scheduling with Google Calendar
  • Enable/Disable Mobile Screen Sharing Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or Microsoft OneDrive
  • Enable Kubi
  • Enable email notification when low host count

Audio Options

  • Enable/Disable Stereo audio
  • Enable/Disable Preserving original microphone audio

Zoom Rooms Options

  • Enable/Disable upcoming meeting alert
  • Enable/Disable Starting AirPlay service manually
  • Enable/Disable Auto Restart
  • Enable/Disable Displaying meeting list on TV

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