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To access and view your Billing you will need to visit zoom.us and select the Sign In tab located in the upper-right hand corner of the web-page.

Log-in using your Zoom, Google, or Facebook account. Once you you access your Zoom profile, select the Billing tab.

Plan Selection:

Here you can view what type of subscription you are currently on and upgrade your current subscription type. 

If you would like to change your plan type from a Basic/Free user to a Pro/Paid user type, you will want to select Upgrade Account.  For more information please click here.




Note: You can also Cancel your zoom subscription at any time, for more information please click here.

Payment Information:

If you need to update your payment information, you will be able to do so by going to Billing Information.  For more information please see more information here on Credit Card or PayPal.



Invoice History:

You are able to view your invoice history here.



Note: you can print your invoice by selecting the "Print" button.

 Update Subscription:

  • You are able to update your existing subscription by selecting the Edit button from your Plan Selection page.  For more information on updating your plan please click here.



Upgrade Subscription:

  • You are able to upgrade your base subscription by selecting Upgrade Plan
  • You are able to upgrade your add-on subscription by selecting Edit 
  • For more information on upgrading your plan please click here



If you have any questions, please feel free to submit a request.


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