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IMPORTANT: Zoom’s LTI Pro app is now available in the new Zoom Marketplace.  LTI Pro should be used instead of the LTI documented in this article.  If you are already using the LTI documented in this article, read how to migrate to LTI Pro and how long this LTI will be supported.

Getting Started

We will describe how to configure Zoom as a LTI provider, For this example, Moodle is introduced as the LTI container.


  • You must be on an Education, Business, API, or Enterprise plan.

Note: If you have a Pro account, you can still use the Moodle API integration. For details, see

1. Have a Zoom Account

LTI is a feature that is managed by the account administrator. If you belong to an educational account, please contact the account admin to request to enable LTI. There is no additional cost to enable LTI.  


2. Obtain LTI Key/Secret and Configure the LTI container

Navigate to LTI under the Integration section of your Zoom Account and select Configure. Copy the LTI Key and Secret


The Moodle Administrator can then copy the LTI Key/Secret and create a new External Tool as follows:

External Tool

3. Create an Activity in a Moodle Course

An instructor can then create an External Tool activity in each of their courses as follows:

Course External Tool


4. Launch your Activity

When you launch the activity, your Zoom meeting will start automatically.




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