Configuring LTI with Canvas Follow


Canvas is a cloud based LMS and Zoom will be an external toll for teachers to start meetings with his or her students. 


  • You must be on an Education, Business, API, or Enterprise plan.


Administrator Setup

  1. Login to Canvas as an Administrator and select Settings

  2. Find Approved Integrations and select New Access Token

  3. Create a new Access Token. For this example, we've named ours zoom

  4. Copy the generated token

  5. Once generated, navigate to the Integration section of your Zoom Admin portal and find LTI Canvas. From here, select Configure and input the generated Access Token from Step 4.

  6. Navigate to LTI under the Integration section of your Zoom Account and select Configure. Copy the LTI Key and Secret

  7. In Canvas, select Courses and then your Managed Account

  8. Select SettingsApps, and then Add App

  9. Manually input the information for the application. The Consumer Key and Shared Secret are the Key and Secret from Step 6. The Privacy should be set to "Public"

  10. Now that the Zoom app has been saved, it can be used by a Teacher as an external tool.

Teacher Usage

  1. Login to Canvas and select an existing course. Once in the course, select Modules

  2. After a Module is created, select the "+" to add an external tool

  3. Select to add an External Tool and select zoom

  4. After the External Tool has been created, select zoom. From here the Teacher will launch the meeting while users will join the Zoom Meeting


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