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Zoom can be configured as a standard LTI provider. Zoom supports LTI v1.1.1 and has been tested with MoodleCanvas, Desire2Learn and Blackboard.


  1. You must be on an Education, Business, API, or Enterprise plan. 
  2. Your Zoom admin will need to set up Zoom as an LTI tool provider within your LMS. Note: Be careful who you share the key/secret.

Common Use Cases for LTI:

1. A teacher schedules an activity for a course. The teacher adds the Zoom meeting ID to this activity. The teacher and all enrolled students can join the meeting via a single URL click that is displayed on the activity. 

2. A student hosts an activity for a homework. The student can start a Zoom meeting and invite anyone (classmates, TA, guests) to the meeting. 

Alternative to using LTI:

Zoom provides a Personal Meeting ID to all users. A Personal Meeting ID is like having an email or phone number that is unique to you. 

When you list a course to LMS, you would list:

  • Course name:  Math 101
  • Instructor: Dr. Benjamin Maddow  
  • Email:
  • Time: Mon 1000am - 1100am 
  • Classroom: Buiding 10, Room 202
  • Maddow Virtual Room:
  • Phone: 212 777 8888

Note: Maddow Virtual Room is the Personal Meeting ID for Dr. Benjamin Maddow. 






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