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IMPORTANT - LTI Pro is now available in the Zoom Marketplace Follow

Zoom’s LTI Pro app is now available in the new Zoom Marketplace.  The Zoom Marketplace is designed to make integrations more accessible through a common secure platform for Zoom and 3rd party developers.  As part of that effort, we’re moving existing Zoom-native integrations into the Zoom Marketplace.

All new LTI features will only be added to LTI Pro.

No new features will be added to the legacy LTIs found on the Zoom integrations page.  

Zoom will provide support for the legacy LTIs through December 31, 2019.

Here is the list of legacy LTIs and their launch URLs:

Customers are encouraged to migrate their legacy LTIs to LTI Pro.

Here are links to LTI Pro:

LTI Pro on Zoom Marketplace
LTI Pro Documentation