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Here is a list of suggested hardware to setup a Zoom Room. Please also see some of the sample room setups or watch this video.

New: Watch the All About Zoom Rooms webinar.

Suggested Equipment for Medium-sized Zoom Room:

Cables and Accessories:

  • 1 HDMI (and 1 Thunderbolt-HDMI for dual screen)
  • 1 RJ45 internet cable
  • iPad stand with lock/lock home button (optional)

Setting Up Your Zoom Rooms:


  1. Connect your HDTV monitor(s) to your Mac Mini's HDMI and Thunderbolt ports (if dual screen).
  2. Connect your Ethernet cable (RJ45 cable) to the network port.
  3. Connect your Logitech PTZ PRO or Aver 520 to the USB port
  4. Connect your Revolabs UC500 to the USB port
  5. Turn on your Mac Mini
  6. Pair your Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to your Mac Mini
  7. Turn on your iPad
  8. Verify your network connectivity to
  9. Configure our Zoom Rooms with no calendar, Google or Outlook Calendar integration 

Completed Zoom Room

Once the setup is completed, you can hide the mouse and keyboard. 


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