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Zoom allows for true iOS screen sharing from iPhone and iPad through iOS mirroring. You can now share any application running on you iOS device through a Windows or Mac Zoom client to Zoom meetings! The Zoom client acts as an AirPlay server to connect your iOS device to for sharing.


  • Must use Zoom client version 3.0+ for PC or 3.5+ For MAC.
  • PC and iOS device must be on the same network
  • You must install the plug-in for sharing iPhone/iPad
  • iPhone 4 (or later), iPad, iPad mini (4th generation or later)


To download the iPhone/iPad sharing Plugin, you can simply click on the option to share iPhone/iPad in the Zoom client (shown below), or download manually at Download Center.

If you have installed desktop firewall, please ensure that it allows inbound and outbound access for airhost.exe (Win) or (Mac). 

How to Share

1) Start or join a Zoom meeting

2) Press the Share Screen button on the menu bar

3) Double click the iPhone/iPad option

3) Follow the instructions provided to to connect your iOS device

  • Swipe up from the bottom on your device to bring up the menu
  • Click on the AirPlay button and select the Zoom Meeting option
  • Turn on mirroring

Once connected, your iOS device screen will be mirrored and shared through the Zoom application. You can screen share any apps (video content such as MP4 is not shared). You can annotate on the screen share as well, please see Screen Sharing and Annotations.

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