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Webinar Reporting Follow


Webinar Reports allows users to generate different metric and information reports including:

  • Registration: Displays a list of registrants and their registration details.
  • Attendee: Displays details about each attendee.
  • Performance: Displays engagement statistics on registration, attendance and feedback.
  • Q&A: Displays questions and answers from the webinar.
  • Polling: Displays each attendee poll result.

These reports can be exported in a .CSV format for further analysis. Reports are available for the previous year. 


  • Webinar Host, Admin User, or have a role with access to Usage Reports


  1. Sign into the Zoom web portal and select Reports. If you are an account Admin/Owner or have access to the Usage Report role, you will need to select Account Management Reports.
  2. Click Webinar.
  3. Select the Report Type you would like to search for:

    Note: Attendee, Performance, Q&A, and Poll Reports are available after the webinar has ended.

  4. Enter the date range for the webinar and select Filter, or enter the Webinar ID number and select Search.

  5. Select the Webinar, and then select click Generate CSV Report.

  6. Once the report has been generated, it will automatically download and can be opened in Excel, Notepad, or any other application compatible with the .CSV format.