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How To Create Dump File For Zoom Process:

Description: A dump file is a Windows binary file containing the state of program currently running on Windows. It’s most useful if the program hangs or crashes, it’s not useful if the program is running well. 

Steps to create a dump file if Zoom client hangs or freezes:

1) You should only create the dump file if your Zoom client application hangs. (freezes or not responding)

2) Right click on the Windows icon and click Start Task Manager as following:

3) There are two processes named “Zoom.exe” running, the one with less memory usage pertains to Zoom IM client, the one with more memory usage is for in-meeting client, as following:

4) If Zoom client hangs (freeze, not responding), select the one with less memory usage, right click on it, then select “Create Dump File

5) If it’s Zoom meeting client hangs (freeze, not responding), select the other “Zoom.exe” process and do the same thing as above.

 6) It will pop up a dialog as following to tell you that the dump file is being generated. It takes about 30 seconds to finish.

7) Once the dump file is generated successfully, it will pop up another dialog as following. Right click on the location string and “Copy” the location to clipboard.


8) Paste the location string to Windows Explorer, you will find the dump file at top if you sort the files by “Date Modified” as following. 

Note: The file is usually big, please compress the dump file before you send it to us.

9) Once you have successfully collected the DMP file you will have to manually end your Zoom Process and restart the Zoom application so the log files generate.


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