REST API Basics Follow

Update: Please see our Developer Portal for more up to date content on our REST API and Mobile SDK.

All the REST API calls should be POST HTTP requests on your server-side. Because we need to check your identity, this request cannot be initiated on the web client using AJAX approaches.

A typical POST URL:


  1. You must use HTTPS; otherwise you will get a 302 redirect response code.
  2. "v1" in the URL indicated which Zoom API version you are using.

The following are common parameters that should be included in each REST API request:

Error Handle When getting a response from the server, you should first check the response body for the "error" section. The "error" section indicates this is a failed request,a nd then you can get the failed code and message from this section.

Error Response in XML format:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  	<message>You app key and secret doesn't match.</message>

Error Response in JSON fromat:

	"code": 102,
	"message": "You app key and secret doesn't match. "

A sample sequence of starting an instant meeting

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