Configuring Polycom VSX for H.264 Follow

The Zoom Room Connector currently supports the H.264 video protocol. In order for the Polycom VSX units to use H.264 video, please confirm the following:
  1. The unit must be on software version 7.5 or higher.
  2. Set the Video Quality setting to Sharpness to enable H.264 4SIF/4CIF.
  3. Limit the call speed to 768kbps or less.

If you are able to connect but not receiving video or audio, please make sure that "Basic Mode" is not enabled. To disable the "Basic Mode" setting, please follow the steps below on the Polycom web interface:

  1. Navigate to System > Admin Settings > Network > Call Preference
  2. Uncheck "Enable Basic Mode"
  3. Save and reboot the device
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