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Getting Started with LTI on Zoom

We will describe how to configure Zoom as a LTI provider, For this example, Blackboard is introduced as the LTI container.

1. Have a Zoom Account
LTI is a feature that is managed by the account administrator. If you belong to an educational account, please contact the account admin to request to enable LTI. There is no additional cost to enable LTI.

2. Navigate to LTI under the Integration section of your Zoom Account and select Configure. Copy the LTI Key and Secret


 Configuring Zoom LTI on Blackboard

1) Log in to Blackboard with administrative credentials

2) Select System Admin in the upper right corner


3) In the Building Blocks group, select Building Blocks.


4) Select LTI Tool Providers


5) Select the Register Provider Domain button


6) Enter the following information and Submit:

    (a) Provider Domain:

    (b) Provider Domain Status:     Approved

    (c) Tool Provider Key:     "LTI Key" from LTI page on Zoom online admin

    (d) Tool Provider Secret:     "LTI Secret" from LTI page on Zoom online admin

    (e) Send User Data:     Send user data over any connection

    (f) User Fields to Send:     Check Role in Course, Name, & Email Address


Example: Enabling the Zoom LTI for a Course

1) On the LTI Tool Providers page, open the option menu on and select Manage Placements

2) On the Manage Placements: page, select the Create Placement button

3) On the Create Placement page enter the following information and press Submit:

    (a) Label:     "Zoom Meeting" or your choice

    (b) Handle:     Zoom

    (c) Tool Provider URL:


*Tool Provider Key should be populate from step 6 of Configuring Zoom LTI for Blackboard


4) Select the System Admin button in the top right to return to the System Admin Panel

5) In the Courses group, select Courses


6) Find and select the course you would like to add the Zoom control to


7) On the Course Management control panel on the left, expand Customization and select Tool Availability


8) Select the checkbox to make "Zoom Meeting" (or your label from step 3a) available


9) On the left sidebar, click the Add Menu Item (+) button to expand the menu, and then select Tool Link from the drop down menu


10) Add the Tool Link Name ("Zoom" or your choice) and select "Zoom Meeting" (or your label from step 3a), check the Available to Users checkbox, and select Submit


11) The "Zoom" (or your Tool Link Name choice from step 10) tool link will now appear in the left sidebar. Clicking on the link will launch the Zoom application.


12) Repeat for each course

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