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Published December 2016


Zoom offers multiple options to schedule a meeting. 


The Zoom Chrome Extension allows participants to schedule Zoom cloud meetings directly from Google Calendar. With the click of a button, you can start an instant meeting or schedule a future meeting. The meeting URL and information is sent via a Google Calendar invitation so the attendee can join with a single-click.


  • You are using Chrome
  • Install the Zoom Chrome extension from the Google Chrome Web Store
  • Your Zoom account must be a linked Google account
  • You must use your Google Calendar to schedule meetings


You can install the Zoom Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store. Select "Add to Chrome" in the upper right of the extension box.

How To Use

The Zoom Chrome extension will install a Zoom button on to your Google Chrome browser. Clicking on the button will open the Zoom Chrome extension. Click on the Signin with Google button to get started.

You will be prompted to select the Google account you would like to associate with the plugin if not logged in. Logging in will bring you to the Zoom Scheduler dashboard, as seen below:


The Start meeting with video and Start meeting without video buttons will open the Zoom application and start a meeting with a new Meeting ID.

Selecting your name or email will take you to your Zoom profile

The gear icon will open the set of options that can be set when scheduling a meeting.

A meeting will be created based on your choices, and all the information needed will be pre-populated in the Calendar invite fields as seen below. This will be generated after selecting Schedule Meeting.

Scheduling a Meeting From Google Calendar

You can also make any Google Calendar invite a Zoom Meeting. Once you have created the calendar event within Google Calendar, you will see the Make it a Zoom Meeting button within the options on your calendar invite, as seen below.

Selecting the Make it a Zoom Meeting button will assign a meeting ID to the invite and populate the fields based on the options you have selected on your Settings page.

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