Business Cloud Migration: Updating Calendar Invitation Follow

If you have been informed that your Zoom account will be migrating to the new Zoom Business Cloud infrastructure, please follow the instructions below.  
For any upcoming meetings that were previously scheduled, you must update the calendar invitation text to reflect the NEW numbers. There are 2 options: 
-Option A: Manually edit the number:
You can manually edit the numbers that are listed on your calendar invitation. 
Replace the old dial-in information: 
 Join from dial-in phone line: 
    Dial:+1 424 203 8450 or +1 (209) 255-1200
    International numbers available: 
With the new dial-in information:
Join from dial-in phone line: 
    Dial:+1 (415) 762-9988 or +1 (646) 568-7788
   International numbers available:
-Option B: Replace the existing meeting invitation text: 
Go to and login to your account.
Select "My Meetings" and then select the Topic from the "Upcoming Meetings" tab.
Click "Copy the invitation"
Click on "Select All" , then Copy
Open your calendar with the previously scheduled meeting and Paste the new meeting text into your calendar invitation. This will replace the previously scheduled meeting information. 
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