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The pairing feature allows for you to join an H.323/SIP device in to a Zoom meeting without entering the Meeting ID from the device. Examples of how this may be helpful:

  • Starting a meeting without first joining from the Zoom client as the host when Enable join before host is not selected
  • Quickly bringing an H.323/SIP device in to a meeting when entering a meeting ID is difficult or not possible

There are two ways that you can use the pairing feature, but the first step is to dial the IP address only from the H.323/SIP device to reach the splash screen, as seen below.



Pairing from the Zoom meeting:

  1. Join or start a meeting from PC or Mac client.
  2. Press the Invite button in the menu bar, then select the Invite a Room System tab.
  3. Enter the pairing code shown at the splash screen on the H.323/SIP device and press Invite
Pairing from the Zoom website (without starting the meeting):
  1. Visit the Meeting Page ,select "Join a meeting from an H.323/SIP room system", and input the meeting ID and pairing code.

*Note: The meeting must be scheduled by a Pro user within your account. You cannot use the pairing code to join meeting hosted by another account.

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