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How To Link Accounts Follow


Zoom allows you to create an account and use Google, Facebook or an email and password to sign in. You can link your accounts after creation to sign in with the method(s) you did not initially choose.


  • Ensure that you are signed out of your existing Zoom account on the web and navigate here:
  • Choose the account type you would like to link to your existing account:
    • Enter your email address if you would like to link to an existing email account. Click Sign Up to finish. Check your email account for an activation email that will allow you to create a password and complete this process. Click here for detailed instructions.
    • Click Google or Facebook if you would like to link your existing account to one of those accounts. You can repeat this process if you want to link both to your existing Zoom account.
  • You can review which accounts you have linked on your profile page.


Note: If you change your sign-in email on your Zoom profile you will no longer be able to login with Facebook or Google unless those accounts are using the new sign-in email.

If you change the email on your Facebook account, you can continue logging in using Facebook but you will no longer be able to login with the sign-in email and password you created unless you change them as well on your Zoom profile.