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For Video Webinars, you can customize the registration process.

How to Customize Registration

To begin, you must select the Webinar that you have scheduled and wish to edit, as seen here.

To begin to edit the the way attendees are accepted into the Webinar and the registration questions, you must select "Edit" under "Invite Attendees".

The first tab that appears is the "Registration" tab. This consists of three options of approval:

  • Registrationless - Registrations will be given a URL to join the Webinar and will simply have to enter their name and email to join
  • Automatically Approve - Users will have to register for the Webinar in advance and will be given options to join directly after
  • Manually Approve - Users will have to register for the Webinar in advance and will only be given options to join after the Webinar host approves their registration

There are also options to receive an email when a new user registers for the Webinar and to close registration after the date of the Webinar.

Next there is the question portion of the Webinar registration. For this we have fields that we've added for ease of use as seen below

Additionally, we have customized questions that can either be short answer.

Or these custom questions can be multiple choice

In addition to this, we can allow for a Logo and Icon to be applied to the Webinar, which can be done under "Branding" of the Webinar selected or under Webinar Settings.

After the settings have been selected, the Webinar registration will look like the following.

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