Capture Screen, Send Picture, & File Transfer Follow


The Group Messaging feature allows you to send text, images/files or audio files to an a contact or to a group. These features are available for both encrypted and unencrypted chat.

How to Send Files

To begin, open a chat under “Chats” in Zoom. A new chat message can be started under “Contacts > Chat” or by selecting “Chats > New Group

Once opened, there are three key features that can be used.

The first is Capture Screen. Once you select this option, you can click and drag your mouse to select a portion of the screen you wish to send. Once this is done, you will have an option to either “Send” or “Cancel”.

After selecting “Send”, the captured area will be sent as a photo as seen here.

Next is Send Picture. To begin, you would select “Send Picture” and then navigate to the picture you wished to send.

After selecting Open, it will appear as an image, similar to the way Capture Screen works.

Finally, there is Send File, which begins by selecting “Send File” and navigating to the file you wish to send.

After selecting send, there will be a small check mark indicating that file has been sent properly.


Note: The maximum file size supported is 512MB.

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