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When you are in a Zoom Rooms meeting you can invite a Zoom Room, a H323/SIP room, a company contact, or an external user to join your meeting. 


The Zoom Rooms you choose to invite will have to be configured in their Zoom Rooms configuration page.

Internal Directory Calling:

External calling:

  • Invite by Email: Have a valid email
  • Invite by Room System: Know the external party's IP address or E.164 and be subscribed to CRC (Cloud Room Connector) 
  • Invite by Phone: Have subscribed to call out feature


Click on Invite on the iPad controller.

Invite by Contacts:

  1. For Zoom Rooms, H.323/SIP rooms or company contacts, select the room(s)/contact(s) you would like to invite to your meeting.
  2. Click the green "Invite button"

 Note: The invitee must be logged in with work email.

Invite By Email: 

  1. For external contacts, select "Invite by Email
  2. Enter the invitee(s) email address 
  3. Click "Send Invitation" and click done once finished
  • Note: Add a space to separate email addresses if you're inviting multiple users

Invite by Phone:

  1. To invite a telephone user select the "Invite by Phone" tab 
  2. Select the appropriate Country by selecting the "Country flag icon"
  3. Enter the invitee's phone number and click on the "green telephone icon"

Invite By Room System:

  1. Enter the IP address or E.164 number associated with the H.323 or SIP endpoint 
  2. Click "Call" 


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