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For webinars, you can have users register by entering in their email address and password when joining and then automatically be taken into the webinar. If the attendee is logged in to their Zoom account, it will pull their name and email address from their account automatically. Using auto registration allows you to collect registration information without needing attendees to register in advance. 



How to Use Auto-Register

To Auto-Register, users will need the Webinar ID, which can be found in your Webinar List.

Users can then launch the Zoom application and select the "Join" button.

They will be prompted to enter a "Meeting Id number" which will be the Webinar ID above.

After entering this, they will be prompted to enter their name and email for Webinar Reporting.

If the user selects "Join" after already logging in, they will not have to enter their name and email to join the Webinar.

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