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The H.323/SIP Rooms Directory allows you to enter H.323 IP addresses or SIP URIs as contacts for use with the H.323/SIP Room Connector Call-Out feature on the PC and Mac Zoom Client.


  • You must have at least one Room Connector port purchased
  • Adding a room system to the Directory requires Owner or Admin privileges on the account
  • Zoom Client version 3.5 or higher is required to access the Directory and Call-Out features

Adding a Room to the H.323/SIP Rooms Directory

1) Log in to your account as and Owner or Admin and visit the H.323/SIP Rooms page located at Room Connector > H.323/SIP Devices

2) Click Add a H.323/SIP Room

3) Enter the room details:

  • Protocol: H.323 or SIP
  • Display Name: Enter your preferred name to be seen in the Directory
  • IP Address or H.323 Extension: Enter the public IP address (can include E.164 Address) or the SIP URI of the room system
  • Encryption: Auto, Yes, or No

4) Click Add

You can Edit or Delete the directory contact here by searching by display name, or select multiple devices to delete at a time. You can also bulk add contacts via a CSV file - click Import H.323/SIP Rooms on the H.323/SIP Rooms page for more information, or download our sample CSV file below.

5) Once the Directory contact has been added, you will see the room system appear in the drop down list when using the H.323/SIP Call-Out feature in a Zoom meeting on PC and Mac. See H.323/SIP Room Connector Call-Out for more information.


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