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Update: Please see our Developer Portal for more up to date content on our REST API and Mobile SDK.

Mobile SDK QuickStart

Zoom Mobile SDK enables the ability to integrate the great Zoom video conferencing experience into your own iOS and Android App.

How to enable Mobile SDK

To enable Mobile SDK, you need to have a PRO, Business, API100 or API500 paid plan.

Note: If you would like to upgrade to your plan, please check “Billing” entry under “Account Management” on the main menu after signed in.

Download and run Mobile SDK sample

Download Mobile SDK

Once you upgrade to an API plan, go to “Mobile SDK” entry on the main menu. Switch to “Download” tab and you will see two download links, one for iOS and the other one for Android. Let's pick iOS SDK as an example.

Download iOS SDK and decompress the .zip file you got. You will find three folders in there - document, Zoom iOS SDK framework and a sample project. Open up the sample project with Xcode.

App Key & App Secret

The App Key & App Secret are used to indicate who you are to Zoom backend system. They are unique for every individual customer.

To get App Key & App Secret, please go to “Credential” tab in “Mobile SDK” entry. They should be listed there if you already upgraded to an API paid plan.

Please be aware of that “API Key & API Secret” for REST API are different things with “App Key & App Secret” for Mobile SDK. You can't use “API Key & API Secret” in Mobile SDK, vice versa.

Run iOS SDK sample

In Xcode, opened sample project, switch to “AppDelegate.m”. Use App Key & App Secret you get from last step for value of “kZoomSDKAppKey” and “kZoomSDKAppSecret”. Please also change definition of “kZoomSDKDomain” (normally you will just use “”).

To make “Join Meeting” work, you also need to set screen name and meeting number. Now please switch to “MainViewController.m” and change the definitions of “kSDKUserName” and “KSDKMeetNumber”.

Where do I get user ID and token?

You may already noticed that to start a meeting, you also need to set user ID & token. These two will be retrieved with REST API.

REST API is mainly for pre and post meeting experience. It contains user, meeting and report management; Mobile SDK is mainly for the in-meeting experience. It contains all features you can see in Zoom iOS/Android App.

If you know email address of user which you will later use for starting meeting, you could use “” and his/her email to retrieve user ID & token; For users that you don't know their email address, you may call “” to get their user ID first, and then call “” with the user ID to get his/her user token.

Now switch to “MainViewController.m” again and set “kSDKUserID” & “kSDKUserToken” with what have.

Enjoy the rich video conferencing experience that Zoom Mobile SDK brings to your own App!

Know more about Zoom REST API

How to enable REST API

To enable Zoom REST API, you need to upgrade your paid plan to more than 10 hosts. Please check “Billing” entry under “Account Management” on the main menu after signed in.

API Key & API Secret

The purpose of API Key & Secret for REST API is just like App Key & Secret for Mobile SDK, but never mix them up.

Once upgrading your paid plan and enabling REST API, you will get API Key & Secret in “Credential” tab of “REST API” entry.

Best Practice: never put API Key & Secret in the browser/client side, like in JavaScript. Anyone who has your REST API Key & Secret can do anything (creating or deleting user) that you can.
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