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Managed Domains uses your organization’s email address domain (such as @zoom.us) to add users to your account automatically. Once your managed domain has been verified, all new and existing users who have a free account with the specified address domain will be added to your account.


  • A Zoom Business or Education account
  • A custom domain (domains such as @gmail.com or @outlook.com cannot be used)


To add a custom domain to your account:

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. Click Account ManagementAccount Profile.
  3. In the Managed Domains section, click Add.
  4. In the Add Managed Domains dialog, type the name of one or more domains, then click Add.
  5. On the Account Profile page, click Verify Domain next to the domain name you just added.
  6. Choose one of the verification methods from the Verify your domain dialog, then click Next:
  7. Follow the instructions on the next page that displays.
    This page is different for each of the verification methods.
    Note: The values displayed in the screens below are examples, and the actual values that you download or paste will be different:

    • Add TXT Record to your domain
    • Upload an HTML file to your domain
    • Add a <meta> tag to your domain’s homepage
  8. Click The checkbox that states that you have added or uploaded the appropriate information, then click Verify Domain .

The Verifying… message displays next to the domain, indicating that verification is in process. This message remains there until the domain is actually verified, at which point the domain shows the message Verified . Depending on the method, verification might take an hour or it could take several days.

If the verification does not occur in the expected timeframe, you can click View Verification Details. This shows the verification steps for your verification method, allowing you to retry the steps, in case they were not completed correctly.

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