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The Question & Answer (Q&A) feature is only available for Webinars.

The following goes over the typical process of how the Q&A works, ranging from the questions the attendee can ask to the types of answers the host can give.

How it Works

To begin, the attendee would select "Questions and Answers" and input a question they would like to ask.

During the Webinar, the host will see a new question has been asked by a notification seen in their Control Bar.

After selecting this notification, they will be prompted to either answer live or by text.

Answering the question live will remain as "Being Answered Live" until the host selects "Done".

This is what the attendee will see while his or her question is being answered live by the host.

After the host has answered the question, it will be moved to the "Answered" tab where it will note you already answered the question.

The attendees will also see that this question has been answered live.

If the host forgot to provide input, they can answer back in two separate ways. The first is publicly, where all attendees will see the response.

The attendees will see the following for the public response to the question.

However, if the host wishes to answer this privately, they can simply select "Send Privately".

This privately sent message will only appear in the Q&A of the user who asked the question.

The attendee can also ask an anonymous question. They would simply need to select "Send Anonymously".

The host will then see an Anonymous Attendee asks a question. For this response we will answer by text.

The text answer can be sent either publicly or privately. In the following it has been sent privately.

The text response can also have additionally input as seen in the live responses.

After the Webinar is completed, the host can view the report of the Q&A at this link. Additional information on Webinar reporting can be found here.

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