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Sharing your screen in Zoom Rooms using Follow


You can visit to share content from your laptop or mobile device to the Zoom Rooms display.

There are also other methods to share content to a Zoom Room:

This article covers:


  • Zoom Rooms for Conference Room
    • macOS: 4.1.33237.0924 or higher
    • Windows: 4.1.6 (35121.1201) or higher
  • Zoom Rooms controller
    • iPad: 4.3.33237.0924 or higher
    • Android version 4.3.33237.0925 or higher
    • Windows 4.3.33234.0925 or higher

Sharing method comparison

  Direct share Airplay HDMI
Specific application   No No
PPT/Keynote presenter mode with notes    
(extended desktop)


Maximum resolution and framerate

  Direct share Airplay HDMI
Screen content 720p/30
4k/10 (PC ZR)
4k/10 (Windows ZR)
1080p/30  720p/30
Video content 720p/30  720p/30  720p/30  720p/30 
Video source (camera) 1080p/30 1080p/30 1080p/30 1080p/30


Sharing your screen

Note: Both video and audio will be disabled on your laptop or mobile device by default when initiating a screen share from the Zoom Room controller.

  1. Start or join a meeting in a Zoom Room.
  2. Tap Share Content in the Zoom Rooms controller.
  3. Open a web browser and visit
  4. Enter the meeting ID or personal link, then click Share Screen. You can also click Enter a Sharing Key.
  5. When prompted, allow your web browser to open Zoom.
  6. Select the screen or application you want to share, then click Share.

Learn more about sharing your screen using the desktop client.

Switching between shared screen and participants' video

  1. Start or join a meeting in a Zoom Room.
  2. Start sharing a screen using the Zoom Room controller.
  3. On the Zoom Room controller, tap Options below Change View.
  4. Tap Swap Content to switch between shared screens and participants' video.