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Zoom Auto-Answer is a feature that allows you to automatically answer Group Messaging invitations to meetings on a PC or Mac from specified users. The Auto-Answer feature can be helpful in video conference rooms or carts where you would like for the Zoom application to automatically join a call without the need to accept or answer the invitation.


  • You must have a Pro, Business, Education, or API plan
  • Auto-answer must be enabled by the Owner or Administrator at the account level
  • You must be logged in to your Zoom account on the Zoom client
  • Users must be added to the Auto-answer Group within Group Messaging
  • Auto-answer is only available on Zoom version 3.5 or higher. 

Enabling Auto-Response on Your Account

To enable Auto-Answer on your account, visit your Account Management page as an Owner or Admin, select the "Enable Auto-response" checkbox, and Save Options.

Adding users to the Auto-Answer Group

In order for the Zoom client to automatically join meetings when invited, the user who invites must be a member of the Auto-Answer Group in Group Messaging. Follow the steps below to add a user to the group:

1) Sign in to your Zoom client

2) Open the Group Messaging tab

3) Find the user you would like to add to the group (scroll or search)

4) Right-click on the user and select "Add to Auto-Answer Group"


The Auto-Answer Group will be added to your Contacts list, and the user added will show in the group. Invitations sent from this user via Group Messaging will now automatically be accepted. You can add as many users to the group as you would like.

To remove a user from the Auto-Answer Group, right click on the user in the Auto-Answer Group and click Remove from Auto Answer Group.

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