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The H.323/SIP Room Connector call-out feature allows you to dial out to an H.323 or SIP room system from the Zoom Client using the public IP address or SIP URI assigned to the device.


  • At least one Room Connector port subscription is required. A device connected via call-out will count as one port
  • Host of the meeting must be on a Zoom Pro account
  • Device must have an external, public IP address or SIP URI
  • External calls to the device must be allowed on your network firewall. See the Zoom Room Connector network firewall rules for port information
  • Zoom version 3.5 or higher is required to use the call-out feature. 

Using H.323/SIP Call-out

  1. Start a Zoom meeting as a Licensed user.
  2. Select Invite on the Zoom meeting toolbar.
  3. Select Invite a Room System.
  4. Select the Call Out tab
  5. Enter the IP address or SIP URI of the H.323 or SIP device, or select a device from the H.323/SIP Rooms Directory
  6. Select the type of call you would wish to make - H.323 or SIP
  7. Press Call

  8. Click Show Keypad if you need to enter digits (e.g. meeting ID) during the call-out.
  9. Enter numbers using the pop-up keypad.

Setting the call speed for call-out to H.323 devices

The default call-out speed is 1920kbps (maximum). To set the call speed when using the Zoom call-out feature, you can enter the speed in to the dial string as seen in the below examples.

[IP address];speed=768k

[IP address];speed=768000

[IP address]##[E.164 address];speed=1472k

Sending DTMF tones in call-out to H.323 devices

To send DTMF tones when connecting to a Gatekeeper, MCU, or other H.323/SIP hardware that requires a party number, conference number, or e.164 address, you can enter these in the Call-out dial string.

[IP address];dtmf=[DTMF tones]

  • DTMF tones have a 1 second interval
  • Entering a "," will pause 1 second in between DTMF tones

For example:

Device IP address:
Conference Number: 15562
Password: 622


  • Dials IP address
  • Send DTMF tones '1' '5' '5' '6' '2' '#' pause pause '6' '2' '2' '#'

To add a call speed along with DTMF tones (using the example above):

Desired Call-Speed: 768 kbps


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